(Note: The statements made in the following article are distinctly mine and even I don't believe them. r-tRapp is not to be held responsible for anything I have reported. In writing this article, I am aware that I am doing something I can't condone ... that is, I am violating a confidence. For that reason, no names nor explanations, other than those appearing here can be given. However, upon receipt of a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I will supply the name of "The Famous Scientist" and the name of my friend.)

"On or about the date of Oct. 4, 1949, a spacecraft, or an aircraft totally alien to earth, landed in Mexico!"

A very dear friend of mine heard that rumor and wrote to a friend of his who is a famous scientist and researcher. "Is the rumor true?" my friend asked. In answer, this famous scientist sent my friend a report from a well known organization that makes a business of furnishing the very latest scientific data of any kind, but only to those of excellent reputation in scientific circles. In other words, to receive one of these bulletins, you have to be a member of the scientists' bluebook. The one I have is marked CONFIDENTIAL and I'm sticking my neck out in writing about it. I have a very good reason for this, though. STF fans have a right to know of such things, whether they are true or false. Therefore, I'm reporting what I know. I don't believe it -- nor do I disbelieve it. I'm giving you all the facts that I have and you may do with them what you will. (And if this sounds Shaverish, I'm sorry. I don't intend to cause any hoax.)

Quoting from the bulletin:

"Here is the latest information which has come to us re the disc said to have fallen in Mexico:"

"Sources: Names cannot now be given. Part comes from a prominent business man. It came to him from a personal friend, a Dr. 'S' who in turn is said to have received it from a Dr. 'W' with whom he was associated in scientific work. Dr. W himself saw the fallen disc. Final verification will be attempted soon." ((Conner's note: If I get anything on this final verification, I'll tell WARP about it.))

"Here is Dr. W's story: About October 4 a disc dropped in a sparsely settled section of level country in Mexico. It was seen to fall by a Mexican herder who notified the authorities, and 11 scientific men were taken to investigate, including Dr. W. The Disc was made of a brownish metal which was so hard that a hacksaw would not cut it. It was about 100' in dia. In the cabin were bodies of six men all burned so badly they are seared to a depth of about 2". One porthole had been shattered and it was believed that it had been punctured by a meteorite, as everything in the cabin was badly burned. These 6 bodies were about 30" tall. An autopsy on one showed that it was constructed the same as our bodies. One body was seated at what appeared to be a control desk; there were various gadgets in front of him and engraved into the metal walls of the cabin were many characters in writing, in a language unknown to any of the investigators. They said it was definitely not Russian. They speculated as to the possibility of its having come from Venus. The herder reported that the Disc settled down to earth almost like a feather and landed without any jar or damage to the disc. There was no propeller nor any form of motor and they could not understand how it was propelled or controlled. The Disc was later removed to a safe place and a report will be given out but that the report would be confidential for the present at any rate."

"The __________ Director has heard from other sources that there has been a joint investigation by the Mexican and American governments, and that there is rigid censorship at this time. Other Government observation of Discs, etc., made at Government flying fields are also censored, tho' said to be common knowledge among personnel attached to the bases. ___________ will please use discretion with regard to the source of data and reports sent them, to avoid possible interference with our efforts to obtain information."

" _________________, Director"

That is the bulletin, copied in full, except I have omitted the initials of the group where the blanks are.

I don't know what to make of this. Possibly, there is governmental supervision in the investigation. And if there is, there certainly is a strict censorship.

If there has been one, there will be more. And if there is, the day when we can look upon an entirely alien race is near at hand.

Speculating on the above: no motive power was to be found. Evidence pointed to a meteor having struck the object, incinerating the occupants, yet it "settled to the earth as gracefully as a feather." This gives rise to the suspicion of remote control.

If this is true, there exists a civilization vastly superior to that which we know on this earth. A civilization that could destroy the Earth as easily as we snuff out a match. All I can say is:

I hope that it isn't belligerant!

- END -

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