Quick checkover of recently-received fanzines:

BLOOMINGTON NEWS LETTER with its January issue becomes SCIENCE-FICTION NEWS LETTER. At present you get this superb photolith monthly merely for the asking (from Bob Tucker, P. O. Box 260, Bloomington, Ill.) If you don't get it, it's only because you don't know what you're missing!

EUSIFANSO (Eugene Science Fantasy Society, Box 161, Eugene, Oregon.) A bi-weekly (or thereabouts) roundup of ESFS news and comment. More interesting than most club bulletins. This too, you get for the ask-ance, I believe. At least I do.

FANTASY-TIMES (James V Taurasi, 137-03 32nd Ave, Flushing, N.Y.) 10¢ 12/$1, twice-a-month roundup of fantasy in every conceivable form, including the comic books. F-T usually manages to give out the contents of forthcoming promags several days or weeks before the issue hits the stands.

THE NATIONAL FANTASY FAN (for NFFF members only). The December ish is a bit more dignified than usual, with the long-awaited printed cover. TNFF changes format with its next ish, and should really be somethin!

NEBULA (Warren Baldwin, 407 Philip Ave., Norfolk, Neb.) V1N1 of a twelve page generalzine, with two stories, articles, a poem and a long & interesting editorial. This first ish is free. Just write for it.

WASHINGTON NEWS LETTER (Chick Derry, 6004 Allegheny Ave., Takoma Park, Maryland) One-page (legal) newsletter featuring monthly WSFA doings and opinions. Bi-weekly, and free. This is also a first ish.

Gad, a noble crop for this busy season of the year (just before Christmas). Can it be that fandom is coming to life after a few eons of dormancy? # There's a hot rumor that the zine for servi-fans, UNIFEN, will soon appear, with Hal Shapiro editing it from Alaska. # And, NFFF members, don't forget POSTWARP. V1#4 will be out in mid-January. # There's a NFFF-members-slanted generalzine coming up before long, also.

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