Her ebony breasts on a midnight skin
That pulse and throb to a hidden beat,
Are soft to my head each night.
Though my wife at my side will ever win,
'Tis Somna, at night, who stirs the heat
Of unbidden desires to flaming light,
As I woo the Goddess of Sleep.

If only I knew her face, her form,
The star-filled depths of her soul
That shines with its dark-felt beauty.
No longer to be a blinded worm
That gropes and crawls toward the goal
As a slave to her love and duty.
For I love the Goddess of Sleep.

Never to be alone at night
When the "other" world is near
To our starry, dream-dipped bower.
Never to wish for the light
To come, to vanish my world so dear.
Forever, together, in Somna's tower
Would I love the Goddess of Sleep.

Text versions and page scans Judy Bemis

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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