THE MUTANT (IV-4, Aug 49) 18 pp. mimeo, This is the last MSFS-published issue of this weirdly ill-fated mag. From now on it's the CO of the DSFS. Well, Rick Sneary does the cover for this ish. Hal Shapiro, Bill Warren, Raymond L. Clancy, Bill Groover, r-t Rapp, H. S. Weatherby, Norman Ashfield, Trev Nelson and William James work on this inside. 10¢, 3/25¢ from George H. Young, 22180 Middlebelt, Farmington, Michigan.

WASHINGTON (DC) NEWS LETTER (#3) 1 pp mimeo; roundup of fannish news. Free, from Chick Derry, 6604 Allegheny Ave., Takoma Park, Maryland.

DAWN (#7, Jan 50) 15 pp. legalsize mimeo. Primarily a letterzine, altho usually featuring several articles or stories in addition. #7 sports an article by one Russ Woodman titled "The Deros Do Exist" and giving as proof, roughly, "Shaver sez so." The letters are swell this ish, altho the whole mag suffers somewhat from inexpert typing. Worth subbing to, tho. 5/50¢ from Russ Watkins, 203 Wampum Ave., Louisville 9, Kentucky.

THE NEKROMANTIKON (I-1, Spr 50) 56 7 1/2 " x 10" pp, printed, linoblock, and mimeo. This is one of the finest pieces of fan publishing I've ever seen. The editor must have put in untold hours of labor on it. Slanted to the supernatural, it contains stories, articles and verse of professional quality. This is the sort of fanzine you can show to a non-fan without apologies. 25¢, 4/$1.00, from Manly Banister, 1905 Spruce Ave., Kansas City 1, Missouri.

(Other fanzines received; but we seem to be spaceless.)

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