Once I walked along a hall
Where dust lay grey and deep;
And though it all seemed sharp and real,
My mind said: "Fool -- you sleep!"

And in this dream of ancient things,
I chanced upon a scroll;
And as I read it through and through,
Stark horror grasped my soul.

For the writing told of things long past --
Events that once had been;
And it told me that all hope was gone
Because of greed and sin.

It described the strivings of the few
Whose hearts lay with the stars,
And how their reward was not acclaim --
But disgrace and grief and scars.

The script revealed the things to come --
The fate of my poor, lost race;
And I knew the terror of loneliness
That all time could not erase ...

Text versions and page scans Judy Bemis

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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