Due to the fact that I am becoming rather cramped for living space, and to make room for new books and magazines, it has become necessary for me to weed out my stock of reading material somewhat. It's like parting with a piece of my soul, but I'm getting tired of opening my eyes to a Shaver Mystery cover every morn. All magazines and pocket books are 10¢ each, the books 25¢ each. All books are in excellent condition, except where otherwise indicated, and all have covers. Everything not taken wit hin a month after this ad appears will be destroyed.


Amazing Stories:

1947 - Aug; Oct; Nov.
1948 - Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Nov; Dec.
1949 - Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov; Dec.

Amazing Stories Quarterly Reissue: Summer 1949.

Fantastic Adventures:

1947 - Jul; Oct; Nov; Dec.
1948 - Jan; Mar; Jul; Sep; Oct; Nov.
1949 - Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov; Dec.

Fantastic Adventures Quarterly Reissue: Summer 1949.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries:

1947 - Jun; Oct; Dec.
1948 - Feb; Oct.
1949 - Feb; Apr; Aug; Oct; Dec.

Fantastic Novels:

1948 - Nov.
1949 - Mar; May; Jul; Sep; Nov.
1950 - Jan; Mar.

A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine: Dec 1949.

Weird Tales: July, 1947; July, 1948.


Thorne Smith -- Topper; Skin and Bones; The Night Life of the Gods; The Stray Lamb; Rain in the Doorway (bad condition); The Glorious Pool.

Leslie Charteris (mysteries) -- Enter the Saint; The Saint in Action; The Happy Hiighwayman; The Saint Goes West; Call for the Saint (a Mercury Mystery).

Frank Gruber (mysteries) -- The Honest Dealer; The Silver Tombstone; The Whispering Master; The Gamecock Murders.


H. Allen Smith - Life in a Putty Knife Factory; Desert Island Decameron
Fredric Brown - A Plot for Murder (mystery by stf writer)
Rog Philips - Time Trap
A. Merritt - The Fox Woman (anthology of Merrittales)
Samuel Taylor - The Man With My Face (mystery with stf flavor)

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407 Phillip Avenue
Norfolk, Nebraska


Lecomte du Noüy - Human Destiny (scientific philosophy)
Cornell Woolrich - Rendezvous In Black (a very different book; mystery with a high current of pure horror)
Lockridge - Death of a Tall Man (Mr. & Mrs. North)
The Pocket Book Of Ghost Stories


Earle Stanley Gardner -- (detective) --
The Case of: The Lonely Heiress; The Lazy Lover; The Backward Mule; The Black-Eyed Blonde

Thorne Smith -- Topper Takes A Trip

Leslie Charteris -- The Saint In Miami (mystery)

Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination (anthology)

Mark Twain -- A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Kenneth Fearing -- The Big Clock (mystery; not the p-b edition)

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407 Phillip Avenue
Norfolk, Nebraska


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