Voice of the Imagi-Nation 10

Forrest J Ackerman and Morojo

December 1940


Cover - B. Frank., now -- orange U surprised?

Table of Contents

Little Slan, What Now? 4e & Morojo Editorial 3
Wanted -- One Angel! JJ Fortier Letter 4
Go Westwood, Young Fan Gerry de la Ree Letter 4
How About a World Weird Con -- the Necronomi-con? Ray J. Sienkiewicz Letter 5
Stretching Things a Bit Harry Warner Jr Letter 5
Vitons? Vol Molesworth Letter 6
War in the Air -- Predicted by Wells Ted Carnell Letter 6
Dashing diaboliCalifornian (speedevil) Norman Epstein Letter 7
Arsonist! Arthur Louis Jocqeil 2d Letter 7
Rest in Pieces O'Brien-Singleton-Erman Letter 8
Now I Leigh Me Down to Dream Leigh Brackett Letter 9
13? Hey, ain't that unlucky? We're not only stitious, we're superstitious! Art Widner Jr Letter 8
Founds Woman's Conscription Movement, calls it "Draft Eve"! Chas D. Hornig Letter 10
Never sausage a pun as that 'un Walt Liebscher Letter 10
Would U call the first instal. of a 2-pt tale by Bond a half-Nelson? ComeTremaine Letter 10
Aw, who's a-fraud! Elmer Purdue Letter 10
Nope, 'taint done with mirrors J 'rv' Haggard Letter 11
Wit Shall It Be? Lupe Amador Letter 12

Scans by Joe Siclari

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