Voice of the Imagi-Nation 9

Forrest J Ackerman and Morojo

October 1940


A Couple of Haloweenies Hector Plasm Cover 1
Table of Contents

Conglomer-ration 4e & Morojo Editorial 3
Only 24, reads fanmag - Adult Prodigy Chas D. Hornig Letter 4
Yes, we'll letter pass Harry Warner Jr Letter 4
There were no words Walt Liebscher Letter 6
Kickt Out of Meeting Leigh Brackett Letter 5
Acts His Sage D B. Thompson Letter 6
Somewhere a Voice is Calling -- Plutonian Letter 6
Of Chords it's voCal! J. Harvey Haggard Letter 6
4-lyn rym leslie perri Letter 6
The Importance of Importation Eric F. Russell Letter 6
Editor fandom's only Tripe-Weekly, Murky! JJ Fortier Letter 7
Could Garbo Have Meant it When She said "I want to be Alan" Roberts Letter 8
Saw Speer Disapear (sic) C. Chauvenet Letter 9
Said "Hi" before the Chi "Midwest Marky" Letter 10
Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me These Things? E.E. Evans Letter 10
Over There Ted Carnell Letter 10
Mae Be a Little Thing Like a Comma Can't Comma 'Tween West & Sex? Vol Molesworth Letter 10
He Skunkt Us! Art Widner Jr. Letter 10

Scans by Joe Siclari

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