Willis Papers

Illustrated by ATom (Arthur Thompson)
Edited by George W. Field
Published by Ted Johnstone

August 1961


Willis Papers, The Bjo Trimble Cover art
Web George W. Field illo
untitled tribute A. Vin¢ Clarke Intro.
untitled tribute ATom illo:2
Walt Willis -- God's Gift to Fandom ATom illustrated title
Walt Willis -- God's Gift to Fandom John Berry Intro.
Editor's Preface George W. Field Editorial
Publisher's Preface Ted Johnstone Editorial
Telekinesis and Buttered Toast Walter Willis Article
      Slant #1, 11/48
Telekinesis and Buttered Toast ATom illo
short introductions to the articles George W. Field Intro.
Black Mail ATom illo:3
Black Mail Walter Willis Article
      Le Zombie #64
Alien flying space scooter ATom Fillo
Immortal Gael, The Lee Hoffman illo
Immortal Gael, The Walter Willis Article
      Fantastic Worlds #1, Summer/52
Immortal Gael, The ATom illo
Subcutaneous Fan, The Walter Willis Article
      Sky Hook, 1952?
Subcutaneous Fan, The ATom illo:3
Dear Walt: we got six more pages finished ATom Fillo
Question of Title, A Walter Willis Article
Question of Title, A ATom illo:3
Fan From Tomorrow, The Walter Willis Fan Fic.
      Oopsla #9, 1/53
Fan From Tomorrow, The ATom illo:2
Wilde Heir ATom illo:2
Wilde Heir Walter Willis Article
      WAWCRHetc, 7/54
Consternation of Orion, The Walter Willis Article
      Orion, 10/54
Consternation of Orion, The ATom illo:2
Film Notes or Something Walter Willis Article
      Pendulum #1, 1/52
Film Notes or Something ATom illo:5
Immoral Storm, The Walter Willis Article
      Opus #2, 2/51
Immoral Storm, The ATom illo:4
Dear Walt: Been having a little trouble with reproduction ATom Fillo
How I Write My Columns Walter Willis Article
      Confusion #7
How I Write My Columns ATom illo:4
Comes the Revelation Walter Willis Article
Comes the Revelation ATom illo
Shaw -- Ireland's Gift to English Fandom ATom illo
Shaw -- Ireland's Gift to English Fandom Walter Willis Article
      BOSH Appreciation Mag, 7/52
Aliend with Think card ATom Fillo
Autobiographical Notes Walter Willis Article
      CanFan #25, 6/55
Autobiographical Notes ATom illo:5
Immortal Teacup, The Walter Willis Article
      SF Digest #4, 11/51
Immortal Teacup, The ATom illo
In Defense of the Pun Walter Willis Article
      Wastebasket #4
In Defense of the Pun ATom illo:2
"Corn" Becomes Callous ATom illo
"Corn" Becomes Callous Walter Willis Article
      Rhodomagnetic Digest V2#5, 3/51
Up the Garden Pathology Walter Willis Article
      OOPSLA #12, 3-4/54
Up the Garden Pathology ATom illo:6
How To BNF Without Tears ATom illo:3
How To BNF Without Tears Walter Willis Article
      BEM #1, 4/54
Spaceship landed on planet ATom Fillo
Love In The Cornfield Walter Willis Article
      Spaceship #17, 4/52
Love in the Cornfield ATom illo:2
Interfanna ATom illo:3
Interfanna Walter Willis Article
      Void #18, 6/59
Way of Life Walter Willis Article
      Hyphen #17, 12/56
Way of Life ATom illo:6
Thanks Anyway ATom Fillo

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