Issue Number 57
 (March 2001)


Issue number 57

(Volume 10, number 1, March 2001)

Cover illustration

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Cover illustration by Adrienne Losin


Diary notes, Jean Weber
Ellie's book reviews, Ellie Miller
Farming Daze, Lyn McConchie
Jean's book notes

Art and Photography Credits

Cover by Adrienne Losin

All photos by Jean Weber

Contributors' Addresses

Adrienne Losin, Morningstar, P.O. Box 692, Mornington, Vic 3931, Australia

Lyn McConchie, Farside Farm, R.D. Norsewood, New Zealand

Ellie Miller, 748 Triple Crown St, Henderson, NV 89015, USA

© Copyright 2001 Jean Weber. ISSN 0728-3792.

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Publication dates are irregular, probably once or twice a year.

Editing, occasional proofreading, design, and layout by
Jean Weber,
P.O. Box 640
Airlie Beach, Qld 4802
Note change of email address above -- do not use my old address.

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The printed version of this fanzine is available for contributions, letters of comment, artwork, interesting clippings, uncancelled postage stamps, arranged trades, editorial whim, or A$4 or equivalent per issue (air mail extra). Please read the Web version if you can-photocopying is difficult and expensive, now that we no longer live in a city.

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Keeping in contact with Eric and me

If you're interested in what Eric and I are doing, I encourage you to visit our Australia travel website,

Our GUFF trip report has been published on Eric's website:


The Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or Going Under Fan Fund
(depending on which way you're going)

GUFF assists fans from Europe and Australasia to form closer links, by providing funds for well-known fans from one part of the world to attend a major science fiction convention in the other.

The GUFF winners are selected by popular vote amongst fans, after a nomination process. Winners are required to attend a specified convention in the host country, and become administrators until the next winner from their area takes over. Although GUFF is often thought of as being for residents of Australian and the UK, people from other European countries and New Zealand are eligible to nominate and be candidates.

GUFF winners are expected (but not required) to travel as widely as they can in the host area, meeting as many fans as possible, but purely personal sight-seeing costs are not covered by the Fund. Winners are also expected to report on their trip in fanzines and by producing a trip report in some form.

GUFF, like the other fan funds, is supported by donations from fans. Like other administrators, we will be organising auctions and other fund raising, to provide a sound basis for the next GUFF trip.

Eric and Jean's GUFF website is at

Irwin Hirsh's site on fan funds has links to most of the trip reports:

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