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Fanzine Scanning Priorities

Please use these priorities to guide what you send us. We want to archive as wide a selection as possible, but with hundreds of thousands of fanzines published, we need to set priorities.

To avoid duplication, please look at whatís on the site or contact us before you send anything. If you have a list of zines that you can scan, please send us the list so we can arrange for the ones we need the most. We can provide a Dropbox link to upload scans.

Our criteria:
  1. The older the better. Zines published in the 1930s and 1940s are particularly important to archive
  2. Hecto zines (which are very short run and are fading away even when stored carefully)
  3. Zines on our "Only Need 1 issue" begging list. These are zines where a single scan will complete the run: http://fanac.org/fanzines/begging_list-need-1.html
  4. Zines on our Begging List. This is where we list the zines for which we need only a few issues to complete the run: http://fanac.org/fanzines/desired_fanzine_list_to_scan.html
  5. Zines on our Core list - http://www.fanac.org/fanzines/core_fanzine_list_to_scan.pdf
  6. Zines that have been voted high in Fan Polls, or nominated for fanzine awards.
  7. Newszines (all). However, we donít want individual issues of club newsletters unless you have complete or long runs. Write us first, please. Then we will ask you to send them all together.
  8. Fan Fund related pubs Ė Trip Reports, Newsletters, flyers, ballots
  9. Genzines after 1950 and before 2000, especially good quality genzines of which you have more than a few.
  10. Fanthologies, Collections, Festschrifts, Bibliographies and other fannish references
  11. Minor fanzines from major fanzine editors
  12. No crudzines

We are working with a number of SF & fan organizations to put some of their publications online. There's a list at the end of this page. If you have any of their titles that we donít have on FANAC.org, please write before you send them. There are some zines which the organizations prefer not be online.

Lower priority Fanzines:

Convention Publications:

We are again putting convention publications online. Please check the directory at http://fanac.org/conpubs/ to see if we are missing yours. As always, please write before you send convention pubs. Convention flyers will only be used if we have other material for that convention.


We do archive correspondence (and other personal notes) although we donít always put it online. We archive material from major fans and material on major subjects ranging from the Exclusion Act to the Breendoggle to Worldcons and other major issues. We will accept both originals or digital copies. We have material from Dick Eney, Bob Pavlat, Alva Rogers, Bill Donaho, Don Ford, Elmur Perdue, Harry Warner, Jr., and others. We are always looking for more.

Organizations with agreements for FANAC.org to archive their publications:

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