George Young, Ben Jason, Agnes Harook, Ed Kuss, Harold Shapiro, Edith Furscik, Perdita Lilly, Ray Nelson, Sybil DeVore, Fred St. Arnault, George Furscik, Howard Devore, Bob Tucker, Ben Singer m01-011.jpeg [31KB]: We need help identifying more of these fen. George Young (front row, second from right), Ben Jason, seated front row second from left. Agnes Harook seated second row far right (black hair and white blouse). Bottom extreme right, Ed Kuss; to his right, George Young; to his right, possibly Harold Shapiro; above him to his left, woman in white blouse, Edith Furscik; to the right of Agnes Harook is Perdita Lilly, once married to Ray Nelson; to her right, Sybil DeVore; above her in black shirt, her husband, Howard; to his left, <B>possibly</B> Fred St. Arnault (Devore would know). Man holding girl <B>COULD</B> be husband of Edith Furscik, George Furscik. Edith was Harold Shapiro's sister. Check these out with Devore who would know, I think.

Photo by Howard Devore
Information provided by Bob Tucker
Information updated by Ben Singer

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