Philip Spiro, Bill Sarill, Bob Duff, Dave Nickles, Harry McCraw, Norm Humer, Anthony Lewis, Charles Robert Keppel, Barbara Keppel, Bob Wagner, Bostwick Wyman, Roy Krupp, Gertrude Asimov, Isaac Asimov, Joe Cohen, Ken Gooen, Philip Norris, Issac Asimov, Phil Spiro, J. Martin Graetz m07-001.ljpg [136KB]: MITSFS Annual Banquet May 15, 1959 at Stuben's Restaurant on Boylston St in Boston: 1. Philip Spiro, 2. Bill Sarill (pseudomember), 3. Bob Duff (vice-president), 4. J. Martin (Shag) Graetz, 5. Dave Nickles, 6. Harry McCraw, 7. Norm Humer, 8. Anthony Lewis (secretary), 9. Charles Robert Keppel (ex-member), 10. Barbara Keppel, 11. Bob Wagner, 12. Bostwick Wyman, 13. Roy Krupp, Gertrude Asimov (not visible), 14. Isaac Asimov, 15. L. Court Skinner (president), 16. Joe Cohen (treasurer), 17. Ken Gooen (ex-secretary) and 18. Philip Norris (past president).

I arrived at MIT in September of 1958. The folder this copy came in says that the price of the photo was $1.50, so I assume that I have a "proof" copy - which has lasted over 50 years with little fading or discoloration. The photo does not appear to be a Polaroid, but has been signed on the front in ballpoint "Issac Asimov". On the back of my copy are signatures of all present, including Asimov and his wife. The photo must have been printed while we were at the meeting and given to us on the spot. The folder indicates that they came from a studio at 120 Boylston St., so the photographer may have dashed off to the studio and developed and printed copies using conventional photographic materials. Alternatively, given Asimov's involvement, the photographer may have used materials sensitized with thiotimoline, thus being able to present us with the finished proofs before taking the picture. Perhaps other attendees may recall how this all came about.
-- Phil Spiro

(Photo by Westray Enterprises Inc., 120 Boylston St., Boston 16, Mass) (Photo provided by Phil Spiro)

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