Sandra Spacher, Bob Leal, Avedon Carol, John Meshkoff, Louis A. Irmo d75-004.jpeg [6KB]: William Sean Spacher, copper sculptor from the Rochester, NY area. Sean was my friend and neighbor on Meigs St. there in the late 1960's; his widow, Sandra Spacher, contacted me in the early 1990's to inform me he had passed away of a heart attack while sailboat racing.

I met Sean at a craft fair ('67 ish) where my girlfriend and I were selling my leather goods. I absolutely loved his work especially a piece called "Prometheus Bound" and managed to buy one of his less expensive pieces. The show was at the Stockbridge Summer Playhouse and Anne bancroft was in the play. We (the artists and craftmen) had a fireside party as the festivities were going on down at the Playhouse. Sean was a great guy and I never forgot him. Sorry to hear of his passing. (Bob Leal)

Photo by Avedon Carol
Information provided by John Meshkoff
Information updated by Louis A. Irmo, Bob Leal

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