Bob Esty, Kathy Sobanski, John Huff, Sam Van Wyck, Carl Zwanzig, J. B. Segal, Will Stewart d89-001.jpeg [72KB]: Clam Chowder from Disclave. I believe it was 88 or 89. I was told it was Their "last" concert. Two names I remember are Bob Esty (bass in center) and Kathy Sobanski in white dress on the far side. Also John Huff (mandolin), Carl Z! Zwanzig (autoharp, on the left), and Sam Van Wyck (With Acoustic guitar.) This was at the New Carolton Sheraton/Marriott (it was when the hotel was changing ownership). This was the one with the now Infamous Police "Raid", almost as bad as the Previous Eve con (in Gaithersberg).

Photo by Will Stewart
Information updated by JB (Jailbait) Segal

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