Graham Boak, Ian Williams, Ian Maule, Rob Jackson, Gray Boak, Milt Stevens, Len Moffatt, June Moffatt e24p002.jpeg [63KB]: Contest panel team for "H. G. Wells Mustache" a quiz game similar to 20 Questions with four four-member teams representing London, Birmingham, Gannet, and Liverpool Fandoms. These are Graham Boak, Ian Williams, Ian Maule, and myself (Rob Jackson). Last 3 of us here are Gannet fans from Newcastle/Sunderland, and I think we added Gray Boak as an honorary Gannet for this team. The 2 Ians and myself were responsible for seeing through the bid to host Tynecon 74 in Newcastle.

Scans by Milt Stevens
Collection by Len & June Moffatt
Information provided by Rob Jackson

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