Phyllis Economou, Isaac Asimov, Evelyn Gold, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett, H. L. Gold, Judith Merril, Robert Silverberg, James Blish, Julius Schwartz, Ben Jason, George C. Willick m54-001.jpeg [117KB]: Front Row: Phyllis Economou, Isaac Asimov, (Evelyn Gold?), Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett. 3rd row right: H. L. Gold, next to him is Judith Merril. On a vertical line behind Asimov between man 2 & 3 on that line is Robert Silverberg (right without a beard) and Mrs Silverberg (left). 4th Row, center: James Blish (slight moustache, off Silverberg's shoulder)

Surely not H. L. Gold in the third row. Agoraphobic Gold was not going to public events that year. The bald man in the second row, right behind Leigh Brackett, might be Julius Schwartz.

Photo by Ben Jason
Information provided by George C. Willick
Information updated by Robert Silverberg

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