Murray Porath, Anne Passovoy, Bob Passovoy, Diana Gallagher, B. J. Willinger, Joe Siclari n02!001.jpeg [73KB]: Singers on the Belle of Louisville riverboat cruise: Murray Porath, Anne Passovoy, Bob Passovoy, possibly Diana Gallagher behind B. J. Willinger.

The last interior page of the Memory Book, upper photo. Obviously not by me. It's uncredited. But I doubt people will mind much.

There's actually more data visible in this scan than in the original print version, which is offset/screen on textured paper, omg. I was trixie and managed to pull back some intermediate greys to make things more, rather than than less, visible.

   — Dara

(The cover of the Memory Book was used as the logo for this con's photo album index — JW)

Scan by Dara Korra'ti
Information updated by Joe Siclari

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