Kent Bloom, Joyce Scrivner, Tony Parker, Joni Dashoff, Todd Dashoff, Lew Wolkoff, Tom Johnson, Joe Sokola, Bruce Pelz, Tom Veal, Jack Heneghan, Bruce Dane, Martin Easterbrook s16-020.jpeg [26KB]: To get things started at SMOFcon 16 the Friday Night mixer was based on parliamentary procedure, a very specialized smoffish interest. The participants were supposed to debate on the official vegetable of WSFS, the Whirled Science Fiction Society. Of, course, as smofs will, they ended up passing an entirely unrelated resolution. SMOFcon members (l-r) in the back of the room included: SMOFcon Chairman Kent Bloom, ??? in shadows, Joyce Scrivner, Tony Parker, Joni Dashoff, ???, Todd Dashoff partially concealed by Judi Bemis, Lew Wolkoff, Tom Johnson (?) standing, Joe Sokola, and Chairman Bruce Pelz' hands.

Photo by Tom Veal
Information updated by Jack Heneghan & Bruce Dane, Martin Easterbrook

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