John Mansfield, David Clark, Kent Bloom, Vincent Docherty, Kevin Standlee, Mike Walsh, Colin Harris, Peter Jarvis, Mark Olson, Todd Dashoff, René Walling, Robin Johnson, Tim Illingworth, Don Lundry, Joe Siclari, Milt Stevens, Tony Lewis, Tom Veal, Roger Sims, Patti Wells, Dave Kyle, Leslie Turek, Karen Meschke, Deb Geisler, Rose Mitchell, Robbie Bourget, Peggy Rae Sapienza x09-113.jpeg [46KB]: Worldcon Chairs - Past, Present and Future:

Standing back row l-r: John Mansfield (ConAdian 1994, Winnipeg, Canada), David Clark (ConFrancisco 1993, San Francisco, California, USA), Kent Bloom (Denvention 3 2008, Denver, Colorado, USA), Vincent Docherty (Co-Chair Intersection 1995, Glasgow, Scotland, UK & Co-Chair Interaction 2005, Glasgow, Scotland, UK), Kevin Standlee (Co-Chair ConJose 2002, San Jose, California, USA), Mike Walsh (ConStellation 1983, Baltimore, Maryland, USA), Colin Harris (Co-Chair Interaction 2005, Glasgow, Scotland, UK), Peter Jarvis (Torcon 3 2003, Toronto, Canada), Mark Olson (Noreascon 3 1989, Boston, Massachusetts, USA), Todd Dashoff (Millenium Philcon 2001, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), René Walling (Co-Chair Anticipation 2009, Montreal, Canada), Robin Johnson (Aussiecon 1 1975, Melbourne, Australia).

Middle-row Standing l-r: Tim Illingworth (former Co-Chair Intersection 1995, Glasgow, Scotland, UK), Don Lundry (SunCon 1977, Miami, Florida, USA), Joe Siclari (MagiCon 1992, Orlando, Florida, USA), Milt Stevens (LAcon 2 1984, Anaheim/Los Angeles, California, USA), Peggy Rae (Pavlat) Sapienza (BucConeer 1998, Baltimore, Maryland, USA), Tony Lewis (Noreascon 1, 1971, Boston, Massachusetts, USA).

Seated l-r: Tom Veal (Chicon 5 2000, Chicago, Illinois, USA), Roger Sims (Detention 1959, Detroit, Michigan, USA), Patti Wells (Renovation 2011, Reno, Nevada, USA), Dave Kyle (Nycon II 1956, New York City, New York, USA), Leslie Turek (Noreascon 2 1980, Boston, Massachusetts, USA), Karen Meschke (LoneStarCon 2 1997, San Antonio, Texas, USA), Deb Geisler (Noreascon 4 2004, Boston, Massachusetts, USA), Rose Mitchell (Co-Chair Aussiecon 4, 2010, Melbourne, Australia), Robbie Bourget (Co-Chair Anticipation 2009, Montreal, Canada).

Photo by Mark Olson

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