Amanda Allen, D. Jeannette Holloman, Ron Robinson, James Rhule, Ric Rader, Marvin Bryant, Ann Stephens, Deborah Sears, Shelby Smith, Paula Rhule, Crytal Thompson, Sharon Landrum, John Vengrouskie, Debbie King w98m150.jpeg [37KB]: #20 - The 1000 & First Night - group 8/8/98 -- This may be the largest group entry at a WorldCon at that time --hello, Guiness?-- with 16 individuals making their own outfits. It took the better part of a year for all the costumes to be made and about 6 months of weekly rehearsals to get the incredible timing and fluidity perfect. Amanda Allen's brainchild was awarded "Best in Class-Master" and everyone involved received their own workmanship award as well. Pictured here are 12 of the members: top row from left to right: D. Jeannette Holloman (Fan-bearer), Ron Robinson (Executioner), James Rhule( Royal Guard), Amanda Allen (Story Teller), Ric Rader (Sultan), Marvin Bryant (Royal Guard 2), Ann Stephens (Shaharazade) & Deborah Sears (Fan-bearer 2) Bottom row: Shelby Smith (child of Harem member), Paula Rhule (Harem member), Crytal Thompson (Servant) & Sharon Landrum (Dinarazade). In was a brilliant performance (enhanced by the Technical assistance of John Vengrouskie) which told the story of Shaharazade's clever use of a 1000 stories to entertain the Sultan and thus save her from execution, but at the end, it was revealed that she had run out of her stories and was about to be executed when suddenly, "Shaharazade had an idea of never ending stories..." and the familiar strains of the opening theme from Star Trek began as she said, "Space: the Final Frontier"... It brought the house down!

Photo by Debbie King
Information provided by angelique trouvere

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