Angelique Trouvere, Rachel Wyman, Deb Fuller, Helen Madden, Michael Madden, Cheralyn Lambeth, Debbie King w98m320.jpeg [38KB]: #31 (Master) - Xena Warrior Milkmaid Masquerade: Angelique Trouvere as Calfrodite-Goddess of Milk & Honey, Rachel Wyman as Velveeta the Amoozon, Deb Fuller as Gabby the Swiss Miss, Helen Madden as Xena Warrior Milkmaid, Michael Madden as Jaques Steer & Cheralyn Lambeth as Cowlisto. BTW-- The theme for Costume Con XV (held a year earlier) was "Puns," so naturally, we had to show everyone our version of Xena Warrior Princess. The convention staff was so entertained by our group, they decided to create a special award for us: "Worst Pun and All Day Running Gag - Hall Costume".

Photo by Debbie King
Information updated by angelique trouvere

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