Julie Zetterberg, Frances Simmons, Carolyn Cushman, Angelique Trouvere, Julie Zetterberg Sardo w86m012.jpeg [56KB]: Attack of the Mercenary Costumer -- made & worn by Julie Zetterberg along with Frances Simmons.

Won "Most Trenchant Satire" -- don't you just love it when the judges get creative? -- for its funny yet oh-so-true-ish presentation of a piratical costumer who tries to steal another costumer's ideas.

Julie's outfit had pin cushion epaulettes and as part of the crown of the hat as well as many other sewing notions that carried out her theme to perfection.

Photo by Carolyn Cushman
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere
Information updated by Julie Zetterberg, Julie Zetterberg Sardo

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