Pierre Pettinger, Sandy Pettinger, M. A. R. Barker, Robert Daniels, Chris Edmunds, Lyn Holmes, Chris Holmes, Jeneen Kenning, Carol Pugutsch, Karl Rasmussen, Carolyn Cushman, Angelique Trouvere w86m023.jpeg [86KB]: Tlomitlanya -- This mind blowing, stage-filling presentation was created by Pierre & Sandy Pettinger based on the Lords of Stability from the Empire of the Petal Throne by M.A.R. Barker (ok, somebody needs an editor...) There were red lightning bolts and more feathers and glitz than a Vegas spectacular! The Pettingers were joined by Robert Daniels, Chris Edmunds, Lyn & Chris Holmes, Jeneen Kenning, Carol Pugutsch and Karl Rasmussen in their "Best Group-Journeyman" award as well as "Best in Show".

Photo by Carolyn Cushman
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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