Barb Schofield, Tanith Lee, Barb Julian, Caroline Julian, Marjii Ellers, Richard Hill, Martin Miller, Barb Dixon, Serge Mailloux, Bryon Connell, Elysia Garver, David E. Schnyer, Dave Clark, Angelique Trouvere w83m074.jpeg [51KB]: "The Demon Lords of Darkness" Barb Schofield gathered together her talented friends to create this spectacular presentation based on the Tanith Lee story. The huge banners were the first items seen and in fact the audience thought they were seeing ships approaching the stage. Each banner represented the realm of a particular Demon Lord: Death, Delusion & Night. Barb and Caroline Julian designed the costumes and banners but each member created their own costume of which Marjii Ellers recalled, " The effect was of a chilling dignity: all in black and iron or silver." Part of that effect was Richard Hill's eerie makeup that he designed for each character to add to the group's dark majesty. He also pointed out that even though they worked on this entry for about a year and a half, they were still working on the incredible banners-which were a "last minute" addition-until the day of the masquerade. This awe-inspiring group consisted of Barb Schofield, Martin Miller, Caroline Julian, Richard Hill, Barb Dixon, Serge Mailloux, Bryon Connell, Elysia Garver & David E. Schnyer and they were awarded "Best in Show-Master".

Photo by Dave Clark
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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