Valentin Kotkin, Eremy Parnov, Alan Dean Foster, Forry Ackerman, Julian May, Joe DeBolt, John Riehl, Elizabeth Hull, Angelique Trouvere w83p003.jpeg [14KB]: Academic Programming: "Soviet SF Sunday" A huge crowd gathered to listen to 2 Russian authors, Valentin Kotkin & Eremy Parnov discuss artistic and publishing freedoms in the U.S.S.R. In the audience there were Alan Dean Foster, Forry Ackerman & Julian May "who lightened the discussion when it threatened to get heated by assuring the Russians that most Americans would agree with them that the con was rather bizarre." (from angee: I bet the masquerade helped with that concept...;) From left to right: Kotkin, Joe DeBolt (moderator), Parnov, unknown translator & John Riehl, a fan recruited at the last minute to help with translation.

Photo by Elizabeth Hull
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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