Roman Pastorale, Sandra Miesel, Thomas Burnett Swann, Larry Propp, Susan Wood, Bridget Dziedzic, Jackie Freas, Mike Resnick, Angelique Trouvere w74m050.jpeg [37KB]: "Roman Pastorale" Sandra Miesel collected and costumed this motley crew of Roman bacchanalians for this fun entry based on the "Pastorale Symphony" sequence from Disney's "Fantasia" "with a touch of Thomas Burnett Swann". Sandra designed all of the costumes and made four of them. This Bacchanalia consists of: Sandra Miesel as Ariadne, Larry Propp as Bacchus, Summer Miller as a mountain nymph, Susan Wood as naiad, Bridget Dziedzic as a dryad, Freff as Orpheus and Jackie Freas as a flower-nymph.

Photo by Mike Resnick
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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