Dorothy Fontana, Jeff Maynard, Angelique Trouvere, John Ellis w74m053.jpeg [37KB]: Waiting for the #%*@! Judges at the Discon II masquerade. -- Discon II was one of the longest masquerades in Worldcon history. Waiting for the judges to decide on the awards became a time for hanging out with other exhausted and dehydrated costumers. This masquerade ran very long and ran late into the night but this engendered many new rules that would not only help the show move along more efficiently but was more humane to the entrants as well - like having water available. Pictured here is part of Valeria & Harpy (standing far left) and author Dorothy Fontana (with the dark outfit with white stripes) on the right - anyone recognize anyone else?

Photo by Jeff Maynard
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere
Information updated by angee trouvere, John Ellis

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