Marjii Ellers, Joyce O'Dell, Harry Partch, Angelique Trouvere w78m001.jpeg [193KB]: The Sun Dancer & Frost Dancer: The Frost Dancer - Presented by Ernst & BJ Ellersieck in a gorgeous couple costume created by Marjii Ellers from a Joyce O'Dell drawing. BJ was the Frost Dancer that represented Winter: it was noted that "Everything that implies COLD is used" from the icy blue hues to crystals and snowflakes as well as icicle shapes and even tiny sleigh bells. BJ also designed her blue makeup and original wig. Her cape was extended on poles as she swirled in blue lighting to music by Harry Partch. She chilled the audience until the lights changed to the warm glow that introduced her companion, The Sun Dancer. This costume was awarded "Most Beautiful".

From the collection of Ernst & BJ Ellersieck
Information provided by Angelique Trouvere

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