Sally Fink, George Barr, Diane Hammond, Fran Evans, Sally C. Fink, Angelique Trouvere w78m008.jpeg [22KB]: "Beauty and the Beast" Sally Fink & Pam Faint worked 2 and a half years on recreating these costumes from a George Barr illustration. Diane Hammond, a latex artist, created the Beast's mask adding horns carved from wood. Sally and Pam added many wonderful details like carved wood pearls and decorated the gloves. The Beast had 2 wigs to make his mane suitably regal and a crepe-hair beard as well as a black velvet robe with hand applied felt flame cut-outs. Sally's Beauty had a green velvet gown and chenille bumps to the white fur to create the look of ermine. Fran Evans created the Beast's makeup that accompanied the mask. Unfortunately for Pam, she had to begin her transformation early with the makeup and cape and sweltered all afternoon, her only relief ice water and cold wash cloths to the back of her neck. Then an hour before the masquerade began, she got dressed in the entire Beast costume and together with Sally in her costume, walked in 100+ degree heat to the convention hall. Pam did not sit or use the bathroom until 2 am-talk about suffering for your art!! I believe that they were awarded "Contestants Award" & tied for "Best Fantasy" for their tremendous efforts.

Photo by Sally C. Fink
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere
Information updated by Angelique Trouvere

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