Pat Kennedy, Sir Thomas Boyd, David Dyer-Bennet w72m005.jpeg [48KB]: Pat Kennedy in "Sir Thomas Boyd of the Queen's Own F.B.I.". Winner costume category, most authentic. This gorgeous recreation of Tudor slendor was made by Pat's wife, Peggy who talked Pat into dressing up as this character and then delving into tons of historical costume research and creating the costume. She said that she learned L.QUOThow to build a codpiece that would not emasulate the wearer and what Tudor men wore for underwear (they didn't, they used their shirt-tails).L.QUOT Pat himself constructed the L.QUOTChain of OfficeL.QUOT that adorns his chest. By the way, Peggy appeared with him as Queen Elizabeth I, another beautifully crafted costume but it was not in competition.

Photo by David Dyer-Bennet
Information provided by angelique trouvere
Information updated by angee

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