Larry Niven, Kathy Sanders, Marilyn Niven, Lex Nakashima, David Butterfield, R. Laurraine Tutahasi, Lyle Lakahima, Dennis Miller, Cary Martin, Gavin Claypool, Sandy Cohen, Steve Barnes, Rich Chuman, Phillip Pournelle, Sue Haseltine, Dave Clark, Angelique Trouvere w84m012.jpeg [41KB]: "Late One Night in the Draco Tavern" This group was based on Larry Niven's characters and even had the author himself as a "Generic Archaeologist" among this inspiring band of costumes and props. This entry actually took Kathy Sanders several years to complete using her amazing skills in soft-sculpture & engineering along with Sue "The Machine Person" Haseltine and Marilyn Niven helping with the ton of sewing this presentation involved. Kathy was the Puppeteer, Lex Nakashima as the Kzin, David Butterfield as the Motie, R. Laurraine Tutahasi as the Thrint, Lyle Lakahima as the critter in the orange spacesuit (I think), Dennis Miller as Qarasht, Cary Martin as Belter, Gavin Claypool as Wonderlander, Sandy Cohen as Jinxlan, Steve Barnes as Rich Chuman, Phillip Pournelle as Crashlander and Larry Niven as the, I mean the aforementioned Generic Archaeologist (far left in hat). They were rewarded for their efforts with the "Most Humorous-Masters" award.

Photo by Dave Clark
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere
Information updated by David Butterfield

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