Angelique Trouvere, John Vengrouskie, Lenny Provenzano w84m020.jpeg [27KB]: "Princess Aura" Costume detail: headdress & shoulder piece. This close up shows the reproduction of Aura's headdress and shoulder piece recreated by Angelique Trouvere. Starting with a series of slender rods that she cut to size and glued on to the front of a wire hat frame, she added sequin pieces and large jewels at the top as well as a rhinestone pin that formed the very front of the headdress. She also had some unusual sequin and jeweled trim that flowed by the sides to recreate the look. For the shoulder piece, she made 2 wire frames which were hinged at the top so that they would sit over her shoulders and covered the frame with a heavy gold plastic sheeting and jewels. John Vengrouskie was a great help as he suggested some of the materials, directed and scripted the performance, was a commanding Ming to her Aura on the recording and did her makeup for the character. (genuine Renaissance guy!)

Photo by Lenny Provenzano
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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