Angelique Trouvere, John Vengrouskie, Wendy MacElroy, Lenny Provenzano w84m021.jpeg [21KB]: "Princess Aura and her Handmaiden" A dazzling recreation of the spoiled daughter of Ming the Merciless from the 1980 film version of "Flash Gordon", Angelique Trouvere and John Vengrouskie devised a humorous presentation that has Aura's handmaiden, Wendy MacElroy enter before her mistress and kneels as Aura enters and asks her off-stage father Ming for the Earthman, Flash Gordon as a pet. Ming, commandingly played on tape by John, refuses his daughter despite her best cloying ways causing Aura to leave in a huff tossing off her extravagant feathered accessory which is retrieved by the handmaiden who runs after her quietly laughing at Aura's defeat. Both costumes were created by Angelique and she and John took advantage of the free recording services offered by the masquerade's sound man to record their voices reading from the film's script to enliven the performance with not only an audible and surprising soundtrack but a piece of the film's music as well that was added at the time of the recording.

Photo by Lenny Provenzano
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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