Robin Johnson, Fred Prophet, Mike Walsh, Jack C. Haldeman II, Leslie Turek, Craig Miller, Ross Pavlac, Kathleen Meyer, Tony Lewis, Kees van Toorn, Bruce Pelz, Sam Moskowitz, Dave Kyle, Roger Sims, Ted White, Joyce Fischer Katz, Peter Weston, Penny Frierson, Mark Olson, Carol Porter w92-050.jpeg [33KB]: Some of the past Worldcon Chairmen that attended MagiCon, the 50th Worldcon:

Back row (l-r): Robin Johnson (Aussiecon, 1975), Fred Prophet (Detention, 1959), Mike Walsh (ConStellation, 1983), Jack C. Haldeman II (Discon II, 1974), Leslie Turek (Noreascon Two, 1980), Craig Miller (LAcon II, 1984).

Front row (l-r): Ross Pavlac (Chicon IV, 1982), Kathleen Meyer (Chicon V, 1991), Tony Lewis (Noreascon I, 1971), Kees van Toorn (ConFiction, 1990), Bruce Pelz (LAcon I, 1972).

Other past worldcon chairmen attending MagiCon included: Sam Moskowitz (Nycon 1, 1939, the first Worldcon), Dave Kyle (NewYorCon, 1956, aka Nycon II), Roger Sims (Detention, 1959), Ted White (Nycon III, 1967), Joyce Fischer Katz (St. Louiscon, 1969), Peter Weston (Seacon '79, 1979), Penny Frierson (ConFederation, 1986), and Mark Olson (Noreascon Three, 1989).

We should have made Fred wear a false beard if he couldn't grow a real one!

--- Robin Johnson

Photo by Carol Porter

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