Andre Norton, Marjii Ellers, Bobbi Armbruster, Gail Selinger, Marcia Workman, Joan Bledig, Sally Rand, Mike Resnick, Angelique Trouvere w76m005.jpeg [24KB]: "The Choosers" Based on the Andre Norton story, "Breed to Come" about intelligent cats, Marjii Ellers and Bobbi Armbruster created these original costumes. They, along with Gail Selinger and Marcia Workman, designed and made the 2 panne velvet bodysuits and capes along with the ingenious masks. They also devised a clever trick that I love to use when there is a need for unusual boots: using tights over shoes to create the look of the long, expensive-looking boots. Fellow costumer, Joan Bledig demonstrated to Marjii and Bobbi an exotic series of movements that allowed the ladies to show off, as Marjii put it, "their pure animal grace and beauty" and won them the adoration of the crowd and judges. Their unusual costumes also netted them an unusual award too. One of the judges was Sally Rand (a friend of GoH Heinlein and more famous as a "bubble" dancer) came up with the award and in a very sweet and lady-like manner, she had the audience entranced as she announced their award: "Best Pussies". It brought the house down. Marjii & Bobbi were delighted and thought this was one of the funniest awards they ever heard of. Note: Full title of award was "Best Pussies in Show"

Photo by Mike Resnick
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere
Information updated by : ICG Archives

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