Mary O'Meara, Sandra Miesel, Poul Anderson, Jim Cunningham, Mike Resnick, Angelique Trouvere w76m006.jpeg [17KB]: "The Memory of Mary O'Meara" Sandra Miesel devised this costume based on the Poul Anderson story, "World without Stars". Since there was no physical description of it in his novel, Sandra had a free hand to design Mary as a symbol of romantic love and used stars, dewdrops & lilies on the soft net gown that she wore. What you don't see in this photo is that Sandra didn't include an actual back to the gown opting instead to tape the long shoulder pieces to her skin as well as the Mucha -inspired lilies and sequin cord that was also glued to her body. She made her crown from wire, trim, iridescent beads and plastic rings covered with diffraction grating and carried an original Lucite sculpture crafted for her by artist, Jim Cunningham. She won "Best Science Fiction Costume" for her creative ingenuity.

Photo by Mike Resnick
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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