Kathy Sanders, Martin Miller, Drew Sanders, Barb Schofield, Reg Schofield, Caroline Julian, David Graham, Neola Caving, Robbie Cantor, Carol Porter, Angelique Trouvere w89m194.jpeg [54KB]: "The Court of the Peacock King" Kathy Sanders gathered her friends together to create this spectacular entry and won "Best Master". Martin Miller entered in blue & gold livery to announce the court, then as the classical music began two of the couples entered followed by Kathy's queen who had a full peacock tail opened behind her. When Drew's Peacock King entered his tail was closed and once in center stage, his servant opened it to its full beauty and appreciation of the audience. The court consisted of Kathy & Drew Sanders, Barb Schofield, her father, Reg Schofield, Martin Miller, Caroline Julian, David Graham, Neola Caving & Robbie Cantor.

Photo by Carol Porter
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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