Titus Groan, Lee Gold, Bruce Pelz, Charlie Brown, Mike Resnick, Celia Tiffany w69m021.jpeg [25KB]: "Countess Gertrude of Groan" (from Titus Groan). Lee Gold wrote, "Of these costumes, the one I particularly remember was Countess Gertrude [1969]. Bruce Pelz wore a green and gold caftan, a green cap, and a string of snails. He spent the presentation murmuring to a dove which perched on his finger (and was actually stuffed). No one recognized him including old friend Charlie Brown, who actually helped 'Gertrude' up the ramp.

The panel of judges was sufficiently impressed by the whole affair to award him MOST EVERYTHING, including Most Beautiful, Best Presentation, and Best Group (after all, there was Gertrude AND the Dove). When the name of the winner was announced, the entire audience burst into applause." Also, Mike Resnick added that the reason no one recognized Bruce was that just before the masquerade, Bruce shaved off his well-known beard! Now that's dedication! Bravo Bruce!

Photo by Celia Tiffany
Courtesy of The International Costumers Guild / Pat & Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library

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