Sandra Miesel, Pauline Baynes, C. S. Lewis, Mike Resnick, Debbie King, Angelique Trouvere w77m005.jpeg [23KB]: "Jadis, the Witch-Queen of Charn" Sandra Miesel recreated this costume from the Pauline Baynes illustration from the novel, "The Magician's Nephew" by C. S. Lewis. Sandra took advantage of the fact that specific colors were not mentioned and used "poison green", lavender & violet to best show off the character. The costume featured a circle skirt that she covered with iridescent sequins and used long rolls of metallic cloth at the waist and shoulders. Her headpiece was encrusted with faux pearls & jewels and the 2 horns were built on chicken wire covered with papier-mâché. Sandra also used papier-mâché to make the dagger as well and her ankh pendant was made with gold wire over a cardboard & balsa wood base. She was a First Runner-up in the Fantasy Category for her efforts.

This inormation was provided by Masquerade-The Magazine of Science Fiction Costuming by Mike Resnick. An excellent source of info about the costumes & costumers from the 1970's. It includes very helpful hints & tips about costume how-to's and more! (Contact FANAC for help in contacting Mike about obtaining copies.)

Photo by Debbie King
Information updated by Angelique Trouvere

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