Photos from the MagiCon Hugo Exhibit

Photos & Text by Laurie Mann

Here's a shot from the "crow's nest" overlooking the exhibit hall of the Hugo Exhibit being set up.

Hugos on the bottom row, the First Fandom award on the top. On the bottom row, the Hugo on the right is fromNoreascon III and the second from the left is from Chicon V. The edge of the huge Nolacon II Hugo is on the far right-hand side of the case - the base of the Hugo is as tall as both rows of the case.

The First Fandom Award is given out by members of First Fandom to a deserving active old time fan.

Assorted Hugos, probably from the '50s and '60s. Can anyone help identify them?

And Ken Keller said:

Bottom photo.) On the bottom shelf, at far left, is the ' 76 MidAmeriCon (MAC) Hugo from my Worldcon. The base was designed by Tim Kirk. (That's a Tim Kirk dragon wrapped around the faux-granite resin-cast base--the first-ever cast base.) The rocket is the Torcon 11 (1973) design by John Millard, chair of TorCon.

At the far right of the photo is the '75 Aussiecon Hugo, which used the Torcon II rocket, also provided to them free-of-charge by TorCon II/John Millard.

Just to the immediate left of that is the original use of that particular rocket design as the '73 TorCon II Hugo. (Rockets added by recipients a few years later, as noted above.)

If you look carefully, you can see that all three of these Hugos carry the same style rocket--the first major design departure from the Ben Jason design, used for many years.