MagiCon Logo Photos

View of the Exhibition Hall during set-up.

Scotland in '95 Golf Hole - MagiCon came up with a great idea for club/bid displays - allowing nine groups to build a miniature golf hole. The course was very popular all weekend long.

Lynn Murphy, Rusty Hevelin & Laurie Mann

The 1992 Hugo Award, designed by Phil Tortoricci. One aspect of its neat design - there's a piece of grill-work discarded by NASA built into it, one of the few remaining pieces of the launch structure from which the first American orbital launch took place (thanks, Dave Ratti, for that interesting tidbit!).

Hugo winner group shot: Toastmaster Spider Robinson, Phil Tortoricci, Charles N. Brown, Gardner Dozois, Unknown, Michael Whelan, Martin Hoare (accepting for David Langford), Nicki & Dick Lynch, Geoffrey Landis, Nancy Kress