AussieCon Two 1985 WorldCon

Part 1 General Photos

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Convention Hotel: Southern Cross, Melbourn, Australila.
Left to right: ???, a New Zealand fan, British fan John Harvey, Americans Charlotte Proctor and Art Widner in the fan lounge in the Victoria Hotel.
In the Victoria Hotel lounge, British fans John and Eve Harvey were a barometer of the success of our pre-convention lounge lizard act. Early in the evening, we, and they, are still upright.
Later in the evening, as the level dropped in the bottled refreshments, so too did we sink down into our comfortable cushions.
Much later in the evening, I don't know where John is (on the floor?) but Eve has pretty well succumbed to the force of gravity. And a good time was had by all.
At the traditional Hogu Awards ceremony, held in the McDonald's restaurant nearest the con hotel, Larry Niven and Bob Shaw meet beneath a no smoking sign with pipes to hand but unlit.
DUFF winners Robbie and Marty Cantor, and the Queen.
Peter Toluzzi also visited the Victoria lounge.
The Victoria Hotel was an Australian hotel around the corner and down the street from the Southern Cross.

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