Chicon I 1940 WorldCon

Part 1 General Photos 1

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Chicon I Program Book Cover
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Forrest J Ackerman
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Chicon 1940 - Banquet
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Chicon 1940 - Banquet
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Chicon 1940 banquet - Doc Smith
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Chicon 1940 - Group 01 Morojo, Trudy Kuslan, Thompson, Al Ashley, Russ Rocklynne (seated), Paul Freehafer
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Chicon 1940
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Chicon 1940
w40-009.jpeg[38KB] [New]
Chicon 1940 - Lew Martin, Olin Wiggins
w40-010.jpeg[79KB] [New]
Chicon 1940 - Trudy Kuslan

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