Chicon I 1940 WorldCon

Part 2 General Photos 2

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w40-011.jpeg[80KB] [New]
Chicon 1940 - ???, Niel De Jack, Ollie Saari
w40-012.jpeg[84KB] [New]
Chicon 1940 - ???, ???, Bob Stein, Dale Tarr
w40-013.jpeg[43KB] [New]
Chicon 1940 - Ackerman
w40-014.jpeg[48KB] [New]
Forry Ackerman and Morojo
w40-015.jpeg[82KB] [New]
Morojo, Richard Meyer in front -
w40-016.jpeg[66KB] [New]
Erle Korshak and Abby Lou Ashley
w40-017.jpeg[45KB] [New]
Chicon 1940 - Morojo, Earl Singleton, Art Widner Jr.
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Contemporary notes on the Tesseract Annual

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