Veronica Cartwright, Scott Glenn, Dennis Quaid, Gordon Cooper, Chuck Yeager, Alan Shepherd, Beth Gwinn, Angelique Trouvere
w83p008.jpeg [15KB]: "The Right Stuff" This most popular panel consisted of 3 actors from the movie, "The Right Stuff": Veronica Cartwright, Scott Glenn & Dennis Quaid and Mercury 7 astronaut, Gordon Cooper and the first person to break the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager! Both Cooper & Yeager received separate standing ovations upon introduction and both had huge lines of fans and autograph seekers after the panel. From left to right: Veronica Cartwright, Chuck Yeager, Gordon Cooper, Scott Glenn & Dennis Quaid (played Cooper in the film). Glenn played Alan Shepherd.

Photo by Beth Gwinn
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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