DisCon III 2021 WorldCon

Part 1 General Photos

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x21-001.jpeg[57KB] [New]
Chengdu display
x21-002.jpeg[88KB] [New]
Tim Szczesuil
x21-003.jpeg[69KB] [New]
Brad Lyau and Mike Walsh in a hallway near the hotel lobby
x21-004.jpeg[88KB] [New]
Nicki Lynch and Warren Buff
x21-005.jpeg[67KB] [New]
Dealer's room in a repurposed parking structure
x21-006.jpeg[81KB] [New]
2023 bidders area of the concourse
x21-007.jpeg[35KB] [New]
First Fandom display about Erle Korshak
x21-008.jpeg[34KB] [New]
Hugo award sample, with designer's info about the base
x21-009.jpeg[88KB] [New]
Andy Porter and Nicki Lynch in the hotel restaurant

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