DisCon III 2021 WorldCon

Part 6 Author/Artist/Editor Portrait or Individual Shots 5

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x21a041.jpeg[67KB] [New]
G. David Nordley
x21a042.jpeg[63KB] [New]
Steven Silver
x21a043.jpeg[61KB] [New]
Patrick Tomlinson
x21a044.jpeg[60KB] [New]
Marie Vibbert
x21a045.jpeg[50KB] [New]
J.T. Greathouse
x21a046.jpeg[52KB] [New]
Nathan W. Toronto
x21a047.jpeg[47KB] [New]
Katie Mack
x21a048.jpeg[56KB] [New]
Marie Brennan
x21a049.jpeg[55KB] [New]
Tom Doyle
x21a050.jpeg[58KB] [New]
Suzanne Palmer

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