Laurel Cunningham, Walter Baric, Diane Connell, Lea M. Day, Dave Clark, Angelique Trouvere
w84m013.jpeg [80KB]: "Mr. Jones" jan howard finder (note-jan always spells his name in small case) presented his character of Mr. Jones, Interplanetary Pimp Extrodiaire, originally seen as a solo at an earlier Balticon where he assured the audience that he has something for every taste and that "what you get is what you want and what you want is what you get". GM ought to hire this guy... Laurel Cunningham made her own outfit as one of Mr. Jones'attractive wares and Walter Baric was another offering of Mr. Jones' intriguing inventory with Diane Connell & Lea M. Day as the standard bearers (because "one must always have standards"...;)

Photo by Dave Clark
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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