MagiCon 1992 WorldCon

Part 19 MagiCon Miniature Golf Course 3

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The "official" NESFA hole of the golf course was done in typical NESFA fashion. It was completely blocked off. You had to go over and around the blockades.
Dan Siclari and Edie Stern have finished the hole while Chairman Joe still struggles behind.
Close-up detail of the mountain at hole #1.
The map of Jophan's quest from the land of Mundania to the Tower of Trufandom. Each fan took the same quest as they travelled along The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course.
Bruce Pelz demonstrating the technique needed to go down the straight and narrow path through the fields of LASFSitude.
Hole #7 was the hardest hole on the course, literally. There was no putting surface just concrete because Jophan and the MagiCon fans had to go through this hard stonelike area.
Hole #6 was quite complicated and frustrating.
The Texas bid for San Antonio put up their most famous monument when they decorated this hole.
The start of The Enchanted Duplicator Miniature Golf Course.
Hole #7 pounding the pavement.

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